Excerpt from E-Book

I decided to post a piece from my e-book for St. Patrick’s Day.
This story is one of my shorter, more emotional ones. It’s not the best story (for obvious reasons… you’ll see) but it’s all I think of whenever St. Patrick’s Day comes around.


The One With Balls

      Scott was outgoing, hilarious, and extremely good-looking. I was shocked at the fact that he was single, but quickly understood why after seeing how girls flocked to him. He obviously loved the attention he got, and I don’t blame him for it.

      Scott and I had a strictly technological relationship, besides making-out at a bar once. We would sext… a lot. I don’t even understand why we didn’t just actually have sex, but I think it was just funner being a secret. It was something only we knew about and no one else. The one time we did make-out made it even better, like, a kind of “I really want to fuck you but I’m not going to because this is more exciting for some reason” sort of way. I can’t explain it. Sometimes the thought of something is better than actually having it, you know? He was always asking me to hang out with him, alone, but I always avoided it. He intimidated me a little bit.

      The last time I ever saw Scott was at one of my birthday parties. I rented out a pool hall party room for me and a bunch of my friends. He already had plans to go downtown that night, but made his friends drop by to see me first, only for a few minutes. He hugged me, wished me a happy birthday and asked me to go out to the club with him. I explained that I would have, except I paid good cash to rent the damn place out. He laughed and said he’d see me soon.

      He texted me about an hour later, telling me I looked really fucking sexy and how he wished that I’d go meet him downtown. I replied with a thank you and a smile, secretly wishing I could be with him too.

      Scott actually started seeing someone shortly after, so our sexting stopped. About five months later, he was stabbed to death on St. Patrick’s Day. I remember when I heard the news – I just started crying uncontrollably. It really fucking sucked.

      He was a great guy and had a huge heart. Now that he’s gone, I wish I had taken him up on the offers to hang out those few times. It’s the worst when you think you have more time with people than you actually do. The time I did have with him, though, I’ll cherish forever.

      Especially that kiss.

Kissing With Eyes Open: A Collection of Memoirs About Boys

Available on the Kobo App, Kobo.com and Indigo.ca

I did it! I published my first e-book through Kobo! I’m really excited about it. I have loved writing since I was a little girl, so this is a huge step for me. I’m really proud of myself for finishing this, especially while dealing with some unfortunate health / life issues.

Kissing With Eyes Open: A Collection of Memoirs About Boys is exactly what it says it is – a bunch of short, true stories about the boys (and men!) I’ve had crushes on or relations with. Sort of like a dating diary with only the juicy parts being written about.

I look forward to publishing more, I’m actually already on my second one. I have a lot of stories to share and hopefully, with the practice of writing, my books will only get better.

Thank you to everyone supporting me in this! It means so much. I hope you enjoy.